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Department of Political Science, MS24
Rice University
6100 Main MS-24
Houston, Texas 77005-1827
Email: rkw@rice.edu
Phone: USA 001-713-348-3352

Selected Working Papers

"Trust and Social Exchange", with Catherine C. Eckel (September 2009). Prepared for the Handbook of Experimental Political Science.

"Anger, Fairness and What’s in the Brain." (2005 Festschrift for Elinor Ostrom)

"Trust in Transitional Societies: Experimental Results from Russia." (APSA 2004)

"Conditional trust: sex, race and facial expressions in a trust game." (2002 Public Choice Meeting)

"Whom to trust? Choice of partner in a trust game." (2000 Tucson ESA Meeting -- Revised 12/20/00)

"Social Learning in a Social Hierarchy: An Experimental Study." (2000 AAAS Meeting)

" Here's the Party: Group Effects and Partisan Advantage in the US Congress." (1999 Midwest Political Science Association Meeting)

"Reciprocal Fairness and Social Signaling ..." (1999 AEA Paper)

"Partisanship and Electoral Reform: Change in Congressional Cohesion, 1877-1932" (1997 APSA)